How to Bypass Social Content Locker Locked by Social Networks?

Social Content Locker is commonly used to drive traffic to your website, build your followers on different social networks generally on Google Plus, Twitter, increase the number of likes on your Facebook post and pages. Especially, Bloggers use this kind of Social Content Locker on their blogs to increase the engagement ratio so that their posts can be shared on different social network platforms.

Bloggers who share some free resources frequently on their blogs use these kinds of Locker. For example, a Graphic Designer sharing some free resources, some blog sharing different tools use it more often.

Some Social Locker Plugin used in WordPress

  • OnePress Social Locker

  • Share Locker

  • Social Locker for WordPress

  • Viral Lock – Like, Google+1 or Tweet to Unlock

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Reason Behind Using Social Content Locker?

  • People usually forget to share their hard work and use free resources from your website.
  • Increase the engagement ratio so that content can reach a wide variety of audiences.
  • Even Visitor likes your content but normally forget to “Like” and “Share”. Social Content Locker helps you to pay bloggers hard work.
Social Content Locker Locked by Social Networks

Sometimes it is annoying to share the Content Since every time you have to share the same website or the same content. Here are some ideas to bypass Content Locker Locked by Social Networks.

What you need is

  • Google Chrome (You can use other browsers too)

Steps to unlock Social Locker

  • Right Click on the post in which you wants to bypass the Content Locker
  • Click on Inspect (Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+I)
  • Search class="onp-sl-content"
  • Delete this linestyle="display: none;"
  • Enjoy the content.

Note: These tricks may not work in all kinds of Social Locker. They may have different CSS Classes and IDs. You need to search those Classes and IDs in order to bypass them.

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7 thoughts on “How to Bypass Social Content Locker Locked by Social Networks?”

  1. Here’s an easier bypass:
    Open your developer console on Chrome (SHIFT +CTRL + J) and type:


    This should return a URL that you can simply click, this is the download link to your file.

    Add around the code to open the URL automatically in a new tab!


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